Holy Grail is a new RFID technique for high-fidelity tracking of player bets and dealer performance, delivering a very rich data set that casinos can leverage to improve floor operations, management, player loyalty programs and dealer training.

The Holy Grail solution combines the latest RFID technology with “smart” chips to provide an unobtrusive system that reliably tracks actual wins and losses for every hand, delivering hard data. The system seamlessly integrates with existing overhead video surveillance cameras, creating an augmented reality that functions intuitively. This allows security to be managed through an event-based review process, providing a record of activity taking place on the floor at any given time.

With Holy Grail, the collection of high-fidelity data occurs concurrent with game play, producing a rich data set that allows you to “see” everything that is happening.


  • Error Detection & Prevention
  • Monitor System for Real Time Activity


  • Track Bets on Game-By-Game Basis
  • Determines Actual Player Value


  • Dealer Performance & Training
  • Profit Optimization

The Holy Grail solution combines the latest RFID technology with “smart” RFID chips and printed table felt manufactured by Abbiati Casino Equipment, and RFID reader hardware supplied by FEIG Electronics. And unlike proprietary solutions, Holy Grail uses an industry standard for contactless communications, ISO 18000-3 Mode 3 technology, for easy interoperability.

Abbiati Casino Equipment

Abbiati Casino Equipment has built up an international reputation and client base with almost every county and city that offers legalized gaming. The Company’s consistent growth and success stands as a witness of its continued commitment to deliver high quality, flawless products and services.

Company’s main business is manufacturing and supplying of: security chips, plaques & jetons (including 13,56 MHz PJM technology), American and European roulette wheels (GLI-25 certified, including patented Laser Technology), standard and custom tables, displays, chairs, wool and microfibre layouts, cards & all gaming accessories.

The Abbiati Company is privately owned by the Abbiati family and is based in Turin, Italy. Abbiati Casino Equipment has been in business in excess of 30 years and offers a full turnkey solution for the casino industry.

FEIG Electronics

FEIG Electronics, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas, is one of the few suppliers worldwide offering RFID readers and antennas for all standard operating frequencies: LF (125 kHz), HF (13.56 MHz), UHF (860-960 MHz).

A pioneer in RFID with more than 40 years’ industry experience, FEIG delivers unrivalled data collection, authentication and identification solutions, as well as secure contactless payment systems with its OBID® RFID products. FEIG readers, available for plug-in, desktop and handheld applications, support next-generation contactless credit cards, debit cards, smartcards and NFC applications to enable fast, accurate, reliable and secure authentication and payment transactions.